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My work is driven by an intention to deconstruct photography. For me, photography is an opaque window to the ‘what was once’. It is with their levels of opacity that the photographs let the viewer access to the other side of the surface or bounce back into space. My current research focuses on how display technologies structures our perceptions of space and image. This is something I feel is always altered by the physical medium used: the image appears through screens, projectors, different types of papers, etc. I feel the image reveals itself through a defined space, which convey a formatted and limited experience. I experiment with techniques that expand photography from its fixation on a 2D surface. Through the creation of objects that are intertwined with images, I intend to explore how images can occupy a physical presence into space. More recently, I’ve been exploring possible paths of an hybrid practice merge photography and installation art. Through assemblages and alternative photography processes, I try to bring the physical materiality of the image within its production and exhibition context.